Christian Jewelry Ancient Symbols Of Faith Are Hot New Styles

Crosses, crucifixes, holy medals, and much more, are the basic pieces of jewelry that we will cherish forever. However, the new hottest styles in Christian jewelry were the ancient symbols of faith, which predate even cross. These symbols, as Ichthys, anchor, and the dove, would be the oldest symbols used in Christian jewelry. Each has a very special and very specific meaning. Because of these special qualities, traditional symbols of faith generate a huge resurgence in Christian jewelry and fashion. The ancient Christian jewelry symbolism: The cross has failed to become openly used in Christian jewelry to turn the 3rd century AD, when the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion of Rome. Since then, the cross is considered the most important Christian symbols, and it was commonly used in the art and Christian jewelry. Christian jewelry has played a big role in the protection and promotion of early Christianity. Since the early Christians were often persecuted for his faith, he was dangerous to openly show the cross. The early Christians in place of other kinds were wearing Christian jewelry, such as:

The Ichthys: The Ichthys consists of two arcs that intersect resembling fish profile, and in the modern Christian jewelry usually has got the name "Jesus" printed in the center. Ichthys is the symbol of Christ as a "fisher of men." The clean lines of the Ichthys form a bit with simple elegance of Christian jewelry for those who revels in the richness of simplicity. Anchor: The anchor is obviously particularly important for sailors, and is often called the sailors cross. However, it has been used not only sea, but also by Christians from all parts of society. The anchor is used in Christian jewelry is a symbol of Jesus because the anchor of the Christian life, in addition to the hope set in faith in Christ. The anchor is the ideal bit of Christian jewelry for those who spend much time at sea, in addition to people in need in their lives immutability. Dove: The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The story goes that when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus through the dove. The dove is a universal symbol of peace and purity. The dove is the ideal christening gift. The Lamb of God, Lamb of God, or Agnus Dei, is certainly the oldest representation of Jesus. Jesus was called Angus Dei when John the Baptist, on seeing him, proclaimed: "Behold the Lamb of God that removes the sin in the world." In Christian jewelry, lamb he is considered the symbol of innocence and triumph over sin. They are just some of the traditional symbols in Christian jewelry. Because of so many different symbols because of so many different stories, you can easily find the perfect piece to celebrate the individual while still celebrating faith.